Wednesday, 14 November 2018

OW Confined Water 2 - Al Khor, Qatar

Confined Water 2

  1. Assemble equipment.
  2. Buddy check.
  3. Briefing.
  4. Deep-water entry - "Giant Stride"
  5. Adjust for proper weighting.
  6. Clear snorkel using the blast method then resume breathing through it without lifting the face from the water.
  7. Exchange snorkel for regulator and regulator for snorkel repeatedly (at least two exchanges) without lifting the face from the water.
  8. Demonstrate oral inflation of BCD at surface.
  9. Swim at least 50 metres while wearing scuba equipment.
  10. With a buddy, descen in water too depp in which to stand using five-point method (SORTD).
  11. Use low-pressure BCD inflation to become neutrally buoyant (Fin pivot).
  12. Clear a fully flooded mask.
  13. Respond to air depletion by signaling "out-of-air".
  14. Indicate remaining air supply within 20 bar.
  15. Ascend using the five-point method (STELA). 
  16. Simulate emergency removal of weight belt. 
  17. Remove low pressure hose and reattach.
  18. Exit water.
  19. Disassemble equipment.
Giant stride:

Five-point descent (SORTD):
  1. Signal
  2. Orientate
  3. Regulator
  4. Time
  5. Descend 

Five-point ascent (STELA):
  1. Signal
  2. Time
  3. Elevate
  4. Look
  5. Ascend 

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