Sunday, 17 July 2011

Juvenile Damselfish - Chromis chromis

Juvenile Damselfish are beautiful little fish and extremely eye-catching due to their dazzling electric blue shine.  They congregate in groups in rock crevices and under ledges.


Damselfish - Chromis chromis

Known as la castaƱuela in Spanish, this fish is extremely common in Mediterranean waters.  They are generally found in shoals in midwater above or near rocky reefs or sea grass meadows.  It is easily distinguished by its scissor shaped tail.

Saddled Seabream - Oblada melanura

Saddled Seabream are also called oblade and are an extremely common Mediterranean fish.  It has a fuse-shaped silver body with a black spot near the tail.


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stingray - Spot them if you can!

As can be seen in the pictures, rays are very difficult to spot.  With a careful and attentive eye you can just make out the eyes and its outline in sandbanks.  There were areas where many stingrays could be found.