Monday, 26 May 2008

Medieval Village - Capo d'Acqua, Abruzzo

Dive #53

This was a very interesting and unique dive.  The dive site was in a spring water lake in the national park of Gran Sasso, Abruzzo.  The spring water lake was created in the 60s to irrigate the surrounding land.  Two medieval water mills are still submerged in the lake with the blades of the mill still visible. It was nice to dive in Abruzzo as I regularly visited the region to see relatives.  I stayed with family in the region's capital, L'Aquila, for one month in 2003.

Visibilty was excellent, not surprising considering it was a spring water lake.  It was quite eerie swimming around in a lake with the remains of the buildings.

Location: Capestrano
Type: Lake
Time: 29min
Depth: 8 metres
Weights: 10 kg

Video by Gianni Maiani

I'll also never forget hearing the dive leader of another group shouting and bawling at his group upon surfacing.  Doesn't make for a good dive experience!