Sunday, 17 June 2012

Triggerfish (Ballesta)

Triggerfish are very attractive fish and popular amongst aquarium enthusiasts.
They are solitary fish infamous for their bad attitude (see below).
There are 40 species of triggerfish throughout the world.
I met this one while diving in Murcia around el Bajo de Piles II near las Islas Hormigas.

While waiting on the other divers to enter the water from the boat we were accompanied by this inquisitive and solitary triggerfish.  It circled the group approaching for a closer look.  On our ascent back to the shot line it returned.  I was happily taking photos of him as he got closer and closer.  I thought it was nice to get some close-ups until I was startled by its attempt to nibble on my hand!  I got a fright as triggerfish eat crustaceans, sea urchins and molluscs and have tough teeth and strong jaws.

A triggerfish can rotate each of its eyeballs independently.

Going for a taste of my hand.