Saturday, 29 May 2010

Black-faced Blenny - Tripterygion delaisi

Italiano - Peperoncino giallo

T.delaisi inhabit depths between 3 - 40m.  It prefers dark areas hidden between rocks and under overhangs.

They are territorial breeders.  The males are responsible for taking care of the eggs.

Tompot Blenny

Nudibranch Mating

 Mating occurs head to tail through a genital aperture. 
All nudibranchs are equipped with both male and female reproductive organs, each fertilizing the other, and both producing eggs.

Cuckoo Kiss

Rainbow Wrasse - Coris julis

Peacock Worm - Sabella pavonina

 At first sight these little animals look like plants, but they are in fact worms.
The worm lives inside the tube formed from mud, sand particles and mucus.  Protruding tentacles extend outwards and filter feed on passing particles.  When disturbed the tentacles quickly retract into the tube.

Two-banded Sea Bream - Diplodus vulgaris

 Known as la Mojarra in Spanish and very common in shallow water.

Nudibranch and Yellow Cluster Anemones (Parazoanthus axinellae)

Getaria, Basque Country/Spain

Dive #86

Time: 55 min
Depth: 19.8m
Temp: 16 degrees C

Dive #87
Unfortuntaley I didn't record anything for this dive.  Just got the stamp.

Nudibranchs diving in Getaria