Sunday, 1 August 2004

Formiche di Groesseto (Formichino), Tuscan Archipelago, Italy

Third OWD with Aquazzura

Lots of sealife

Depth: 17.9m
Time: 41 minutes
Weights: 7kg

Good visibility
Danilo Nuccitelli

Formiche di Grosseto (Grande), Tuscan Archipelago, Italy

Second OWD with Acquazzura.

Depth: 13.4m
Time: 39 min
Temp: 26 degrees C at surface / 19 degrees below
Weights: 7kg

Good visibility

Danilo and Andrea


Thursday, 22 July 2004

Lago Albano, Lazio, Italy - First Open Water Dive

First Open Water dive with Acquazzura in Rome.

Dive #3
OW Dive 1
Depth: 11 metres
Time: 22min?

Pino and Andrea.
Bad visibility!
Weights: 6kg