Friday, 20 May 2016

BBC - Scotland's War at Sea (2015) The Dreadnoughts of Scapa Flow

Recent documentary about the famous ships of Scapa Flow.  I managed to dive the wrecks of the SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm, SMS Coln and SMS Brummer among others.

SMS Kronprinz

SMS Cöln

SMS Brummer

There is lots of information at the Scapa Flow Historical Wreck Site.

Pericles Wreck (Al Ed Al Gharbi) - Qatar

This was undoubtedly the earliest dive I've ever done - we met up at 2:30am (!).  The trip was well worth it though and shall definitely be repeated...

The Pericles is located in the Persian Gulf, 30 km east-northeast of Doha.  It was a Greek made Japanese owned cargo ship built in 1967 and sunk in 1983.  A fire broke out in the ship's engine room around 200 miles off Doha.  The ship was then abandoned and later sank after various explosions.

Pericles was a general, orator, patron of the arts and a politician during the golden age of Greece from 449 to 431 B.C.

Dive site: Pericles (Al Ed Al Gharbi)
Entry time: 5:32 am
Dive time: 47 min
Max depth: 24.1 m
Temp: 24 degree C
Visability: 5-10 metres

Divers on the enormous rudder of the Pericles

The Pericles' propeller

Dive site: Pericles (Al Ed Al Gharbi)
Entry time: 7:38am
Dive time: 54 min
Max depth: 19.5 m
Temp: 28 degree C
Visability: 5-10 metres