Tuesday, 31 July 2007

B-17 Bomber in Calvi, Corsica - France

Dive #40
While on holiday to Corsica I managed to sneak in one very memorable dive.  I'd heard that the B-17 Bomber in Calvi was a good dive and I was really keen to do it.  I have since done loads of wreck dives but only on boats and ships making this dive quite distinctive.  The weather was quite rough on the day I went with some really choppy waves creating unfavourable conditions but this didn't deter me.  I didn't have an underwater camera at the time but the video below by Konrad Dubiel is pretty good.

The B-17 bomber was used during WWII and was also known as the Flying Fortress because of its 13 machine guns.  In 1944 the B-17 G "Baron" was on a mission in Italy but was hit by erman fighters.  The pilot, Frank Chaplick, decided to fly to Calvi where he was forced to land into the sea.  The wreck now lies at 28m.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Santa Lucia and Le Sconsciglie, Ventotene, Italy

Dive #38
Dive 1
Santa Lucia
Depth: 46m
Time: 55min
Weights: 10kg

Dive #39
Dive 2
Le Sconsciglie
Depth: 20m
Time: not recorded
Weights: 10kg

Molara, Ventotene, Italy

Dive #37

Depth: 20m
Time: 50min
Weights: 11kg