Sunday, 13 November 2005

Conger Alley, Loch Long, Scotland

Loch Long is a sea loch extending from the Firth of Clyde.  It's a popular loch for diving as it was used as a testing ground for torpedoes during World War II.  Near to where the picture was taken is Conger Alley, well known for the Conger Eels which can be regularly seen there.  Also commonly spotted are Wrasse, Leopard Spotted Gobbies, Dogfish, Peacock Worms, Anemones, Sea Squirts and numerous types of crabs.

Loch Long is both the longest (41 miles) and the deepest (180 miles) of the Scottish sea lochs.

Mud slope going down.

"Reef" about 15m wide running down to about 25m.  Reef consists of lots of boulders which is where most of the congers can be found. 

Dive #10

Dive 1
Depth: 18.5m
Time: 34min
Dive #11

Dive 2
Depth: 13.9m
Time: 25min

Seen a seal! Not underwater though :( In between dives. 

Sunday, 6 November 2005

Loch Fyne, Scotland

First dive in Scottish waters!
Enjoyed it more than I expected.

Dive #8

Dive 1
Depth: 16.5m
Air in 250 bar
Air out 80 bar

Dive #9

Dive 2
Depth: 15.0m
Time: 25min
Air in: 220bar
Air out: 110bar

Saturday, 11 June 2005

Cala Tumbarineddu, Asinara, North of Sardinia

Asinara, home of the wild blue-eyed albino donkey (really).  I couldn't believe the colour of the sea when I went to Sardinia, the turquoise blue was incredible.  I did one dive at Asinara with the Roccaruja Diving Centre.

Dive #7 Location: Cala Tumbarineddu
Depth: 20metres
Time: 43minutes

 Stintino's Spiaggia Pelosa (Hairy Beach?)

 View of Asinara from Sardinia