Thursday, 5 May 2011

Instructor, Mallorca, Spain

During the summer of 2011, I moved from Sevilla to Mallorca to work as an instructor from 4th May until 10th August.

In total I did 140 dives.
This took my total number of dives to around 368.

Week 1

Wed 4th May – Arrival.  

Thurs 5th – Boat dive, boat full so didn’t do Big Cheese, Mirador instead.
                   DSDs in front of dive centre in Cala Bona, the Lagoon

Fri 6thCala Ratjada, DSDs (Emma Mc 13/3/87 & Kevin T 30/10/84 Belfast)

Saturday 7th – Painting the dive centre

Sunday 8th – Found flat! Really nice.

Monday 9th – Morning: Two dives, Moray Eel Bank & Red Cliff
Afternoon: Two DSDs (Oliver 22-12-92 and Stacey 7-1-93 Manchester)

Tuesday 10thOpen Water Course (Andrew)
                         Morning: Knowledge Review 1-3 Quiz & Test  
                         Afternoon: Confined Water

Week 2

Wednesday 11th – Morning: Open Water dives 1&2 The Mushroom & Skylight  Cave
                               Afternoon: KR 4&5

Thursday 12th – Morning: Confined Water dives 4 & 5
                           Afternoon: Open Water dives 3 & 4 Cala Morlanda

Friday 13th – Morning: Open Water Course KR 1,2,3  (Ilyes)
                      Afternoon:  Dive at 3 caves

Saturday 14th – Morning: Confined Water - Lagoon
                          Afternoon: Open Water – Cala Nao

Monday 16th – Morning: OWD KR 4 & 5 then CW 4 & 5 in swimming pool.
                        Afternoon: OW 4 & 5 The Labyrinth.

Tuesday 17thNothing doing in afternoon, very bad weather.

Week 3

Wednesday 18th – 2 Dive on boat in morning Choppy weather Cape Vermell & Harmonica Bay.  

Thursday 19th – Late start 10:30.  DSD in The Lagoon (Diane & Ian from Manchester).

Friday 20th – Afternoon in swimming pool doing demonstrations.

Saturday 21st - OW Course in Spanish Theory then CW at pool

Monday 23rd – Morning: Mushroom & Cape Vermell
                        Afternoon:  DSD in the Lagoon (Jens from Cologne)

Tuesday 24th – Morning: OW Theory 4&5 Roberto
                         Afternoon: DSDs the Lagoon. (Dean from Swansea & Matthias from Frankfurt)

Week 4

Wednesday 25th – Morning: Boat dive The Moray Eel Bank & Skylight Cave
                               Afternoon: CW 4 & 5 Roberto

Thursday 26th – Morning:  The 3 Caves/Cathedral then Spring Cove
                           Afternoon:  Snorkelling then hotel drop off

Friday 27th – Morning: The Chimney & Drift dive from Conger Cave to Mirador
                      Afternnoon: Swimming pool

Saturday 28th – Morning:  The Labyrinth x 2, OW 1 & 2 Roberto
                          Afternoon:  Naaaaaaaaaada

Monday 30th – Morning: 2 boat dives at The 3 Caves & Harmonica Bay
                         Afternoon:  Petrol from Cala Ratjada

Tuesday 31st – Morning:  Masks and port duty
            Afternoon: Helping dave DSD Cala Rajoli

Week 5
Wednesday 1st June – Morning: 2 Shore dives at The Labyrinth with Bonbon
                                    Afternoon: Drop off car with Dave.
                                    Alfonso and Carlito arrive.
Thursday 2nd – Morning: 2 boat dives The Labyrinth & Caves Snorkelling site.
                        Afternoon:  Pick up car then boat with Victor

Friday 3rd – 2 boat dives Moray Eel Bank & Skylight Cave
                        DSD at The Lagoon (Ivan from Derbyshire)

Saturday 4thThe Big Cheese!
                        Sibylle and Andrew
                        Afternoon: DSD Lauren and dad Steve

 Sibylle kindly sent me these pictures of the dive at The Big Cheese.
Monday 6th – Theory for Alfonso while DSD with Carlo in the Lagoon.
                        Afternoon: Confined Water with Alfonso in the Lagoon.

Tuesday 7th – Alfonso & Kirsty Open Water Dives. 2x Cala Nao then 2xCala Lliteres

Week 6

Wednesday 8th – Spanish OW failure.  Free afternoon reading.

Thursday 9th – The Big Cheese x 2.  Bit of a disaster! (“olvidate del Open”?)                                
                         Afternoon: Advanced Navigation Module with Sebastian at Cala Ratjada

Friday 10th  Morning: Boat dive to the Light House and the Devil’s Cave – amazing!
                        Afternoon: EFR with Sebastian.

Saturday 11th – One dive on the boat at Moray Eel Bank.
                          Assisting Christina with DSDs in the Lagoon (2 x Hell Belt)

Monday 13th – Check dive with Danish couple at Cala Morlanda.
                         2 DSDs in the Lagoon.   Michelle and Catherine from Ireland

Tuesday 14th – Morning: Taxi to Cala Meleni
                         Afternoon:  OW theory 4&5 and Advanced Theory with Sebastian

Week 7

Wednesday 15th – Morning:  Boat dive to The Wall and the Skylight Cave.   
                              Excellent! Lots of lobsters and Cape Town Lobsters!  Cuttlefish and Octopus
                              in the cave.
                               Afternoon:  OW 3 & 4 at the Labyrinth

Thursday 16th – Morning: Started OWD with Chris, theory 1,2,3.
                           Afternoon: The Lagoon for CW 1-5

Friday 17th – Morning: DSD with Mercedes in the Lagoon.
                      Afternoon: CW 2,3,4,5 in the Lagoon.

Saturday 18th – Morning: OW3 & 4 with Chris, Cala Ratjada
                          Afternoon: The Lagoon with German DSDs

Monday 20th – Morning: Advanced Theory @ 8:45 Deep Dive and Search & Recovert/Boat Diver
                         at the Chimney and the Caves. 
                         D mashes up my regulator - great
                         Afternoon: 2 DSD in the Lagoon.

Tuesday 21stCala Morlanda with Liam and family, good tip ;)
                         Afternoon: Italian Scuba Review, Stefano, dive at Cala Nao

Week 8

Wednesday 22nd – Morning: Dive at Cala Lliteras
                               Afternoon: OWD theory 1,2 & 3 with Gloria and Lucia

Thursday 23rd – Morning: DSD at the Lagoon
                           Afternoon: OWD theory 4 &5 Gloria and Lucia in pool

Friday 24th – Morning: Petrol & Taxi service
                      Afternoon: Swimming Pool then OWD Theory 4 & 5 Gloria & Lucia

Saturday 25th – Morning: OWD 1 & 2 with Dave in Cala Morlanda
                         Afternoon:  OWD Theory Vic and Rene

Monday 27th – Morning: OWD 3 & 4 Germans in Cala Nao 
                         Afternoon: Swimming pool with Glo & Lucia CW 3 & 4

Tuesday 28th – Day Off

Week 9

Wednesday 29th – Morning: washing and filling cars.  Chat with James
                               Afternoon: The Labyrinth with Nicolas

Thursday 30th – Morning: OW confined dives in pool with English lads
                          Afternoon:  Drive to Cala Ratjada & Palma

Friday 1st – 2 dives at Cala Morlanda
                    Afternoon: Swimming pool demo
Saturday 2nd – OW 3 & 4 Rene and Vic Cala Lliteras
                        Marco Cala Lliteras

Sunday 3rd – OWD 1 & 2 with Glori & Lucia!!!!!!!  Cala Lliteres
                        Danny and Rocky arrive

Monday 4th – Morning: Swimming pool Confined Open Water
                       Afternoon: Open Water 1 Cala Nao
                        Sa Punta

Tuesday 5th – Morning:  Cala Lliteres OW 1, 2 & 3
                       Afternoon: Scuba Diver theory
                        Gloria lost purse!!! Then we found it…. Off to airport.

Week 10

Wednesday 6th – Morning: Scuba Review Peter & Stefi from Beave at Cala Nao
                             Afternoon: Spanish family DSDing it at Cala Lliteres

Thursday 7th – Morning: Luis from Sevilla Cala Lliteres DSD
                         Afternoon: Swiss OWDs 3 & 4 with Dave. Ludwig & Frederik Cala Nao
                        Granada restaurant

Friday 8th – Morning: DSDs Cala Rajoli – Rudi & girlfriend
                    Afternoon:  DSD The Lagoon

Saturday 9th – Morning: DSD The Lagoon Andy
                        Afternoon: DSD The Lagoon 3 Spaniards
                                    Teresa from Madrid 
                                    Ivan from Madrid
                                    Arnaud from France

Sunday 10th – Divin’ with Danny Cala Lliteres

Monday 11th – Nuttin dooin in morn
                         SCUBA Review at Cala Nao

Tuesday 12th – Morning CW 1,2,3 The Lagoon
                         Afternoon OW 1 & 2 Cala Morlanda

Week 11

Wednesday 13th – Morning:  Boat dive at Cap Vermel & The Moray Eel
                              Afternoon:  DSDs in the Lagoon.

Thursday 14 th – Morning:  Boat dive at The Labyrinth & The Three Caves.  Victor & Masks
                             Afternoon:  DSDs in the Lagoon.

Friday 15th – Snorkelling at the Labyrinth
                      Swimming pool demos

Saturday 16th – CW 4 & 5 The Lagoon
                          Cala Lliteres OW 3 & 4 with Gloria!!!!!!!!!
Sunday 17th – Day Off

Monday 18th – Spanish OW course Morning Pool
                         Afteroon OW 1 & 2 The Labyrinth

Tuesday 19th – OW Upgrade The Lagoon, Roberto
                         OW 3 & 4 Cala Morlanda, Roberto, Iosu & Oihane. Chicharra Flying Gurnard!

Week 12

Wednesday 20th – Morning: Shore dive at the Labyrinth, Spanish group + Cristina
                                                Daniel - DM who worked in Thailand & New Zealand
                               Afternoon: DSDs Cala Rajoli assisting Cristina

Thursday 21st – Morning: Shore dive at Cala Lliteres
                           Afternoon: DSDs The Lagoon, Paul, Igor & girl

Friday 22nd – Morning: Boat dives at The Labyrinth and Three Caves
                        Afternoon: Swimming Pool, lots of people!
Saturday 23rd – Morning: SCUBA Review with Alberto at The Labyrinth
                            Afternoon: DSDs at Cala Rajoli – Alex, Dena, Jan

Monday 25th – Morning: Dive at Cala Morlanda with boy
                         Afternoon:  Dive at Cala Morlanda with 3 Spaniards and Wels Rod

Tuesday 26th – Morning: 2 Dives at Cala Morlanda
                         Afternoon: Check dive at Cala Lliteres

Week 13

Wednesday 27th – Morning: OW Confined

Thursday 28th – Day Off
                           Tristan arrived!!!

Friday 29th – DSDs morning
                      DSDs afternoon

Saturday 30th – OW theory 1,2 &3 Dale
                          Confined water with Dale

Sunday 31st – Day off

Monday 1st   Fuel from Cala Ratjada
3 DSDs

Tuesday 2nd – 5 DSDs Cala Lliteras 2 Serbs & 3 English speakers
                        Scuba Review Cala Lliteras

Week 14

Wednesday 3rd – DSDs Cala Ratjada
                            DSDs Cala Ratjada

Thurday 4th – DSDs The Lagoon
                       DSDs The Lagoon

Friday 5th – Shore dive at Cala Morlanda
                    Swimming Pool

Saturday 6th – Shore dive at Cala Morlanda
                        DSDs in the Lagoon

Monday 8th – Shore dive Cala Morlanda
                       DSDs the Lagoon

Tuesday 9th – Shore dive, the Labyrinth
                                    Jonathan Rountree
                       Scuba Review, the Labyrinth

Week 15

Wednesday 10th – Shore dive, the Labyrinth
                              Scuba Review the Lagoon


Total Dives = 140


Gilthead = Dorada
Annular Gilthead = Raspallon
Saupe = Salpa

Cardinal fish = Reyezuelo
Yellow-tail = Serviola
Cabracho = Scorpion fish
Tompot Blenny = Cabruza

Fan mussel = Nacra
Sea Urchin = Erizo de mar (sea eagle!)
Painted Comber = Serrano
Sand goby = Cabuchino

Damsel fish = Castanuela
Red mullet = Salmonete

Cuckoo wrasse = Gallito
Brown wrasse = Merlo
Auxiliary wrasse = Vaqueta (brownish)
Painted wrasse = Tordo (colourful)
Rainbow wrasse = Doncella

Grouper = Mero