Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Sea slug adaptations - body regeneration


Elysia marginata
Two species of sea slug from the order Sacoglossa, Elysia atroviridis and Elysia marginata, are able to completely regenerate their bodies - including heart, kidney, intestine and reproductive organs.

The head can survive for up to a month, surviving autonomously thanks to its ability to photosynthesize like plants.

Pretty amazing!



Friday, 14 February 2020

A Frames, Loch Long - Scotland

First dive of 2020 and a nice Valentine's/Birthday dive (",)
A little chilly..

Entry: 17:25
Dive time: 50 mins
Depth: 19.2m
Temp: 7 degrees C 
Weights: 12kg

Thursday, 5 December 2019

A Frames, Loch Long - Scotland

It had been a year since I dived in Scotland at St Abbs last September so it was great to do a night dive again at Loch Long.  This site was one of the first places I did with my dry suit so it was good to return.  It's a very popular dive site for dive training and not too far from Glasgow.

Plenty of underwater life here.  On the first dive (minus the camera) we saw pleny of shrimp.  There were loads of starfish, velvet swimming crabs, hermit crabs, squat lobsters, and long-legged spider crabs.  There were peacock fan worms along the frames which look nice when lit up.

Highlight of the second dive was a juvenile squid, first thought to be cuttlefish (?), which I managed to follow for a bit.

Dive 1
Entry: 18:39
Dive time: 46 mins
Depth: 20.1m
Temp: 10 degrees C

Dive 2
Entry: 20:10
Dive time: 31 mins
Depth: 18.9 m
Temp: 10 degrees C
Weights: 13kg




Sunday, 9 June 2019

Black Tip and Aquarium - Daymaniyat, Oman

Black Tip - Dive 6

Dive time: 52mins
Depth: 22.6m
Temp: 28 degrees C
Visibility: m

Aquarium - Dive 5

Dive time: 55mins
Depth: 25.9m
Temp: 27 degrees C
Visibility: 20m

Marbled electric ray

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Tito's Run and The Three Sisters - Daymaniyat Islands, Oman

Tito's Run

Dive time: 60mins
Depth: 17.7m
Temp: 29 degrees C
Visibility: 20-25m
Honeycomb moray eel (Laced moray)


Gemetric moray eel



Shoal of Bream


Grey Reef Shark and Mobula Ray (",)

The Three Sisters

Dive time: 71mins
Depth: 16.5m
Temp: 28 degrees C
Visibility: 20m